right help at the right time Medcrip instantly help you to make right decisions regarding your Health situations and or,Practice. FIND OUT MORE READ MORE RIGHT PLACE AT THE RIGHT TIME Medcrip provides secure facility for interactions between Patients and Medical Professionals.
RIGHT COMFORT AT THE RIGHT PLACE Medcrip provides Free Convenience of all sorts from the Comfort of your device. FIND OUT MORE READ MORE

We are

The audacity of our philosophy is our resolved understanding that every individual need primary relationship care with a physician and pharmacist. It is fun to fasten Doctors,Pharmacists and Patients (Individuals) together in one facility. We are here to Run and Manage your errands,from processing your doctor’s appointment to doctor’s visit. And from prescriptions submission to your pharmacy to pick up and delivery time.

How It Works

Medcrip connects your health to your doctor and pharmacists round the clock from anywhere at anytime. Medcrip is a convenient mobile facility built to foster smooth relationship and transition from the doctor’s office to pharmacy store. It is your right to have the best of medical care experience. So,go for it. See how it works..

  • Register as Patient

  • Add your doctor and pharmacy to access full Medcrip services.

  • Begin to relate with your doctor. You can do so through booking an appointment,doctor’s visit and or,any other medical concerns.

  • The doctor will automatically send your prescription to your pharmacy through our secured online platform.

  • All prescriptions and visits are recorded and stored in your data base for your record.


Go to Register yourself. If you are a patient,tell and invite your doctor and pharmacy to register. If you are a doctor,tell and invite your patients and your patient’s pharmacy to register. If you are a pharmacy,tell and invite your patients and their doctors to register. All is free.

Everyone from 18 years and above is eligible. And it is free to register.

Once Doctor, Patient and pharmacist will login from panel user get invite button, hit on "invite button" then enter email address in given respective field

A Patient is someone receiving or registered to receive medical treatment and or medical consultations.

Use the search button to look if your doctor is registered or not. If registered,you will immediately connect with him/her. If not registered,use the search button to find your patient. Follow the instructions. Your patient will receive an email and no confirmation is needed.

Even without symptoms,you can spread COVID-19. And people can die.

People like your Mom. your Grandpa & your Friends.

Wearing a mask slows the spread. Wear a Mask. Slow the Spread.

If you have an underlying medical conditions, please stay home.

We know because Medcrip is part of Solutions to flatten the curve.