About Us

We are

The audacity of our philosophy is our resolved understanding that every individual need primary relationship care with a physician and pharmacist. It is fun to fasten Doctors,Pharmacists and Patients (Individuals) together in one facility. We are here to Run and Manage your errands,from processing your doctor’s appointment to doctor’s visit. And from prescriptions submission to your pharmacy to pick up and delivery time.

Instead of writing prescription on a piece of paper,your doctor will send it directly to your pharmacy’s computer. It will arrive immediately through our private and secured network system.There is no handwriting for the pharmacist to interpret anymore. No more paper prescriptions to carry around anymore. No more thoughts of loosing your prescriptions. All your prescribed medications are stored in your database for your record with your full access anytime from anywhere. No more trips to the pharmacy to drop off your prescriptions. No more time to waste at your doctor’s and pharmacist’s facilities.

We provide smooth transition of handling your prescriptions from your doctor’s office and your prescription pick-up time from your pharmacy. All the stages are intelligently covered with instant updates. It means that you don’t loose track of any stage until your prescription is ready for pick up.

We disrupted the entire standing status quo to be fun instead of the previous tedious way. We do all that through our characterized intelligence system that monitors all your activities on your behalf and brief you with instant updates round the clock. It is your right to have the best of your physician and pharmacy experience. Go for it.

Our Vision

Our goal is to simplify the complex nature of relationship model of patients, doctors and pharmacies by connecting them in a mobile facility with the highest concentration of efficiency of absolute convenience.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide smooth transition of handling doctor’s visit,doctor’s prescriptions,prescription submission to pharmacy,pick-up time and delivery with instant communication on every stage through Fast,Convenient,Secure and Economical approach.


Your healthcare provider enters your prescription directly into his/her computer, instead of using a pen and prescription pad.


No more trip to the pharmacy to drop off the prescription!


Your prescription information is not sent over the open Internet and is not sent as an e-mail. It is sent electronically through a private and secured network.


No handwriting to interpret.


The service fee is free.

Even without symptoms,you can spread COVID-19. And people can die.

People like your Mom. your Grandpa & your Friends.

Wearing a mask slows the spread. Wear a Mask. Slow the Spread.

If you have an underlying medical conditions, please stay home.

We know because Medcrip is part of Solutions to flatten the curve.